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100% Organic Chia Seeds 100g

Chia seeds are a great way to add nutrients to your kibble diet. They are bursting with nutrients and have very minimal taste or smell, making them the ideal topper for even the fussiest pooches!

Benefits of chia seeds include:

☆ more omega 3 than salmon

☆ packed with protein

☆ 34g of fibre per 100g - great for digestion

☆ good source of calcium and phosphorus for joint and bone health

☆ more iron than spinach

☆ supports brain function

☆ aids blood sugar regulation

Simply hydrate them with your kibble and serve. Recommendations are around 1/4 teaspoon per 4.5kg of bodyweight.

However, variation is key to a successful diet, and adding chia seeds as part of a variety of toppers will help to maximise nutrient intake and promote health in our dogs.

As always, questions are welcome. Send me a message or comment below 😊

Organic Chia Seeds 100g

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